Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPMs) are strands of tissue that fill the front, fluid chamber of the eye. These tissues should have dissolved away as the eye developed. Instead they persist and can affect vision in the more severe cases. Most cases of PPMs are mild but may result in small focal cloudy spots in the front of the eye, the cornea.

Implications for the Pet Owner

Most dogs with PPMs are not severely affected. The condition is not progressive and does not require any treatment.

It is very rare, except in Basenjis for the PPMs to cause vision or any other problems.

Implications for the Breeder

Most dogs, other than Basenjis, with mild PPMs would be suitable for breeding. As the PPMs can be severe in some cases and the familiar nature of PPMs it would be wise NOT to breed from severely affected stock.

In Rottweilers PPMs are seen occasionally. They have not been listed as a problem in this breed by the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation).